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how the living water energizer creates living water

the 100% information technology that Roland Plocher uses to regenerate lakes and water systems back to health is contained inside the water vitalizer. 
By attaching a energizer near any source, water significantly improves its ability to cleanse and strengthen itself.

Water restructures itself through normal natural processes as if it was percolating upwards like a spring through the various mineral stata of soil and rock.  Oxygen is replenished which oxidates toxicity and impurities, microclustering occurs so the water becomes finely structured enough to enter cells in the body, improving hydration and flushing out toxicity in cells.  Best of all it tastes very clean and fresh.

Roland Plocher has been partnering with the European Union government, Unicef, The Rainforest Foundation and with clients all over the world to provide clean drinking water and improve the health of  lakes and water systems over the last 25 years.

what benefits you recieve
in the living water vitalizer

- living spring water quality in your home
- micro-clustered water, for 100% hydration
- elevated oxygen in water for anti-oxidant health &
water hygiene

all through a 100% natural process that results simply by clipping the powerful water vitalizer to the outside of your pipe

but, how does Roland Plocher do it?
each vitalizer contains a natural information generator inside that continually sends the information of spring water from a pure source to your tap water


               before                                   after

Lake Radha-kunda was totally overloaded with nutrients, plant and algae overgrowth, until it was treated with Roland Plochers 100% natural technology and the water began self-cleansing again to a living, healthy state.

He has sold 70,000 water vitalizers worldwide, but does it work? Can it improve water, how can it transform city tap water into living, hydrating spring water quality?

it can.... and the lake above that restrengthened itself back to health was stimulated by the Plocher transfers of energy from a vibrant water source found in nature . 

As an example the energy of naturally ocurring vortexes from a vibrant water source are transferred to your municipal water pipe and that water is stimulated to structure and energize to this quality.

Lake and Water System Projects
Sewage Lagoon transformation -Thessaloniki, Greece.

Clean Drinking Water Projects

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the importance of hydrating microclusters in living water

Water clusters come in many sizes, for example, filtered tap water has a higher rate of big clusters (clusters of hydrogen and oxygen bonds). These big clusters for the most part in filtered tap water are not sized to enter your permeable cells and hydrate your body optimally. 

Think of it like a children's game, where the goal is to fit like shapes into the holes that will accommodate them.  Imagine a good percentage of the big clusters in filtered water as too big to enter the smaller holes in the permeable walls of cells.  Some do, but many do not. 

In pure, spring water smaller (micro), refined clusters of hydrogen and oxygen are found and they are in abundance. Small clusters (microclusters) easily enter into cells freely, flowing in for maximum hydration and carrying out wastes and toxins so they can be eliminated.  Like the water produced by the water energizer.  Water tastes cleaner, lighter and you feel hydrated.